I'm Lindsey, the owner of Riveted Oak Designs.  I'm a skier, hiker, camper, backpacker, and explorer, and I love being outdoors in general.  I'm also a stagehand, a mom, an artist, a craftsperson, and a seamstress.  I formed this company because I saw a need for products that could stand up to a beating, whether it be while working in a harness, hiking, or being chewed on by a teething toddler!  

I create products that are durable, simple, and tough, but still fun!  I listen to the folks around me when they say "I wish someone made a _____" and then I start prototyping.  Simply put:  I design and make the things that I see a need for.  If every aspect of a Riveted Oaks product isn't both fuctional and useful, then I head back to the drawing board and try again.  As a result, my products are constantly changing and evolving, and I think that this is a good thing!

All of my jewelry and paracord products are handmade.  Some of my accessories are made in collaboration with others, although the designs prototypes are all my own.  I only work with companies that provide good working conditions and fair treatment for the folks that are doing the work.